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Mindful Day

Drink lots of clean water … Preferably spring water
If possible avoid drinking from plastic bottles , they contain
harmful petrochemicals like BPA.

Meditate every day …sit and watch your breath for 5 minutes ,
working up to 15 minutes or more.
This will nourish your overall health and calm your mind.

Spend sometime in the sun … Get your natural vitamin D  .

Drink a cup of herbal tea a day… ( spring dragon longevity tea) ..
You will be exposing your body to all the phytonutrients that act as medicine
in your body. The lack of herbal tonics in people’s diets today represents one
of the reasons that we are so culturally dependent on pharmaceutical medicine.

Stand more Sit less…
Research suggests that chronic sitting may be as or more detrimental than
Move , go for a walk , practice Tai Chi. Studies indicate that the benefits range from
reduced blood pressure to better sleep and enhanced mental and physical well being.

Eat fermented foods …to colonized your gut  with healthy probiotic flora.
Researchers have found that all disease first starts in the gut!

Eat Good Fat…  Coconut oil ,  extra virgin organic olive oil , real butter ( organic) or ghee ( clarified butter)

Eat organic foods …as much as you can avoiding fruits and vegetables that have been
sprayed with pesticides.